You Can Now Export Your Lifelog Data From Saga

By / October 17, 2013 /

Since we launched Saga back in May, we’ve had a lot of people request the ability to export their Saga data. We’re pleased to announce that now you can!

We offer two formats for export: iCal and JSON. The calendar format is great if you want an easy way to browse through your lifelog. The real events captured by Saga will appear alongside your calendar appointments, so you can see what you were really doing when you were supposed to be in a meeting. To export your data on iOS, use the action icon at the top of the lifelog screen, then choose the export option. On Android, touch the menu button on the lifelog screen to export.

The JSON data export is for developers who want to build something using their lifelog data. If you use Wolfram Alpha’s Mathematica 9, you can import your JSON to view some prefab calculations, like these:

A graph of location transitions over time

A graph of location transitions over time

Trends in commuting habits

Trends in commuting habits

We’re planning more sophisticated integration with Wolfram, and we will be introducing APIs soon, for developers. If you have any questions about how to export or use your Saga data, don’t hesitate to contact

We believe your data belongs to you. Not only should you know what is being collected, but you should be able to see it and download it.

Download Saga for Android or iOS.


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6 responses to “You Can Now Export Your Lifelog Data From Saga”

  1. belfastbiker says:

    Guys, it’s not working.
    On the Lifelong Export screen, SUBMIT is greyed out. It sys a Saga account is required to export it, and I should visit the ME tab to create an account.

    I go to that screen, and I’m clearly logged in, it shows my email address, although weirdly my name appears as Anonymous. In SETTINGS, I’m clearly logged in, it give me a logout option.

    • kittyireland says:

      There’s something buggy going on here. Can you please send us a message from ‘feedback’ on the settings screen? That will give us the info we need to troubleshoot.

  2. […] of the Saga lifelogging app and at the QS conference they released a new version for Android that allows exporting which is a nice milestone. I spent some time talking to Andy pleading for new features that include […]

  3. Mark Gunn says:

    This is a great addition. Thank you.

    I’ve tried the iCal format, but seem to be only getting events and none of the enriched data such as note attachments, pictures or app plug ins. Is this by design? It’s a really bummer to only get a partial export, I hope this is something you will reconsider in the future.

  4. djboccip says:

    I have the same problem as belfastbiker … for iCal or JSON export, the Submit button is greyed out. Will send a msg from the feedback screen as below …